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Episodes & comments

2011.08.01(* 08.09 edited)
2011 Dr. Alexander course and the 27th study club meeting were held safely. And the principle course 2011 was held too. Thank you for all attendance and Biodent Co., president Ooisi and staffs.
We send $3,750 to Japan Red Cross as public donation for Eastern area of Japan afflicted by earthquake and tsunami. Dr. Alexander was donated $3,000 for them, so we send it to Japan Orthodontic Society with his letter.
Dr. Alexander published his newest book "Long-Term Stability in Orthodontics" as below.
We will hold next meeting in Tokyo, on end of October or early of November.
* Dr. Alexander updated his chatroom page.LinkIconDr. Alexander's Chatroom
We are all worried about affected people who attacked by hurricane at recent. We hope to recover of them earlier.
Then almost a month until this annual meeting. The program was uploaded at this site. We hope many members will gather this meeting.LinkIcon2011Program
Day by day, we re-realized about huge damage around Tohoku area. And everyday we are worried about atomic-power accident of Fukushima. Then Dr. Alexander updated his chatroom with report of ADI in Rome.LinkIconDr. Alexander's Chatroom
Appreciate for many people around the world who worry about Japan and afflicted people with the earthquake and Tsunami.
We believe Tohoku area will rise from the rubble caused the earthquake and we will recover the economy of Japan. Thank you again for support from all the world.
It's a feeling like spring came this few days. But in New Zealand people were struck by severe earthquake. We hope safely of people in Christchurch. Then in Middle East area people against to authoritarian governments, for this we are perturbed about the global situation.
Now, we plane to invite Pf. Maki and Pf. Miyazaki as special speaker of 2011 meeting and Pf. Okafuji and Dr. Miyazaki as educational lecture as below. We expect gathering many members.
The volcano exploded in Miyazaki and Kagoshima, and it was heavy snowing in Touhoku, San-in and Hokuriku region. We are faced with nature's force. And facing at avian flu in many part of region. We are worried to the people in that area.
Then, we decided the schedule of this year meeting like below.
A Happy New Year ! Thank you for your continued help and support.
Then it will change the schedule of this year annual meeting. We will hold the2011 annual meeting on July 12-14 in Osaka. And the principle course will hold on July 10-11. We will announce once meeting plans are set.


  • Merry Christmas to you !! A short time later for this year.
  • Then Dr. Tomochika modified the case presentation form. He gave a fix for problem when print the form with some version of the Word application. He checked about version 2002, 2003 and 2007, but other version was not confirmed. If you have any trouble, please contact to Dr. Tomochika. Then here is a link for colored paper for case presentation. LinkIconDownload
  • Have a nice Christmas and a happy new year !


  • Dr. Alexander was just returned to his home from the long lecture tour. And he updated his Chatroom.
  • We wish your merry Christmas and a happy new year!
  • LinkIconDr. Alexander's Chatroom


  • In 2010, the 26th Alexander annual meeting successfully completed. I would like to say “Thank you very much” to the people who attend at the meeting. In grateful appreciation to Mr. Ohishi, the president of Biodent Co. and the staff for supporting the meeting. And special thanks for Dr. Watanabe and Dr. Ozaki, assisted with case grading.
  • 2011 annual meeting will hold on July 19-21, 2011 in Osaka. And the principle course will hold on July 17-18. We are looking forward to meet everyone next year.
  • LinkIcon2010 annual meeting


  • In a short while for 2010 meeting. Dr. Alexander announced the title of this year lecture for us.
  • Factors Related to stability.... "Round up the usual suspects" then.... other factors. Muscles!!


  • It's getting really cold from this week. How about the weather of December in Tokyo? Then, Dr. Alexander's Chatroom was updated.
  • LinkIconDr. Alexander's Chatroom


  • Now the program of 2010 annual meeting is available for download.

LinkIcon2010 Program(Sorry, English version is not available yet.)


  • It's seeming came autumn even late-summer heat was remained.
  • Now application form for case presentation is available for download.

LinkIcon2010 Application form for case presentation
LinkIconCase presentation manual is here (Sorry, English version is not available.)

  • Attention for the study club members
  • About case's grading, since considering about Dr. Alexander's physical condition, it will do from November 30th. Please bring your cases not later than afternoon of November 30th, who wants to receive grading for the gold seals.


  • It's extremely blistering record heat summer wane soon, but late-summer heat will hold up. (may be worldwide)
  • 2010 Alexander Discipline principle course will be held on 28 - 29, Nov. 2010 at Hotel Lungwood. Alexander course of 2010 and the 26th study club annual meeting will be held on 1 - 2, Dec. 2010 at Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo.
  • Application form is here. Please contact to Biodent Co.. There are limited but some rooms of both hotels available for reservation.
  • LinkIconApplication form
  • LinkIconFour Seasons Hotel Tokyo at ChinzansoLinkIconHotel Lungwood


  • We got a mail from Dr. Alexander, for seeking speakers for ADI Symposium. Please respond to Dr. A, who want's to give a presentation.
    • Dear Friends:
    • I am excited to inform you that the location and date for the 2011 Alexander Discipline International Symposium is confirmed.
    • April 1-2, 2011 - Rome, Italy
    • The attached Call for Presenters is being sent for the purpose of seeking speakers for the Symposium.
    • Please respond if you are interested and notify your colleagues of this opportunity to present treatment ideas and information.
    • I look forward to seeing you in Rome.
    • clip_image001.jpg
    • Dr. R. G. "Wick" Alexander
    • LinkIconCall for Presenters


  • It seems summer approaches without typical spring days. In Kyushu, especially Miyazaki, people facing a serious situation of FMD (foot-and -mouth disease) crisis. We hope it will be at rest earlier and did not expand that other area.
  • Before long the annual meeting of regional orthodontic society will held at each area, Biodent Co. will announce about 2010 Alexander's lecture and study club meeting soon.
  • Now, Dr. Alexander's Chatroom was updated.
  • LinkIconDr. Alexander's Chatroom


  • Dr. Alexander announced, next ADI symposium to be held in Rome, Italy at March 31, April 1-2, 2011 !! Please mark your calender for this meeting.
  • LinkIconDr. Alexander's Chatroom


  • It already past the doll festival, it was crazy weather around Japan such crazy snowing and strong wind.
  • Then, we put Biodent Co. in charge of our secretariat from last fall. Please contact to Biodent Co. about business related our study club in the future.
  • And next study club meeting will hold on December 1st and 2nd, announced below. About case's grading, since considering about Dr. Alexander's physical condition, it will do from November 30th. Please bring your cases not later than afternoon of November 30th, who wants to receive grading for the gold seals.


  • Now Dr.Alexander's chatroom page is updated. LinkIconDr. Alexander's Chatroom
  • 2010 annual meeting plan is settled on December 1-2 in Tokyo. Proposed meeting place is the Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Chinzanso.
  • And a principle course will hold on November 28-29.


  • A happy new year ! We wish your happiness through this year.


  • Now English top page is available ( in appreciation for Dr. Imamura )
  • LinkIconAbout our study club
  • Dr. Alexander's chatroom page on the ADI website is updated. Please read his impressions about this autumn tour.LinkIconDr. Alexander's Chatroom
  • Now photo page is available. There are photos little while ago. LinkIconPhoto album


  • Alexander orthodontic treatment bookⅡ which was published by Alexander Discipline Study Club of Japan has been sold in reduced price. Please buy and read it. The place where you can place in order is Ormco Japan LinkIconSubscription Ormoco Japan


  • In 2009, the 25th Alexander annual meeting successfully completed. I would like to say “Thank you very much” to the people who were at the meeting. Also, special thanks to Mr. Ohishi, the president of Biodent Co. and the staff for supporting the meeting.
  • We have been arranging time and a place for next meeting. After we have decided them, we will let you know. It seems that the place will possibly be in Tokyo.


  • A principle course was held by Biodent. There were 55 participants. The course was well succeeded. Thank you very much to Mr. Koyama, Mr. Kuroda and some other instructors for helping the course. I am sure that all participants were really satisfied with it.


  • I arranged the 25th Alexander annual meeting program on the website for you to download. Also, I revised the pamphlet that was made about 10 years ago. People who will join a principle course will be able to receive it, but if you need it soon, please download it from the website.
  • LinkIcon2009ProgramLinkIconBrochure of study club


  • When the summer was almost over, political power was switched historical from the liberal democratic party to Democratic Party(the Democrats). How have you come along with the new change? By the way, we only have two more months left till the next annual meeting, however we need to have more applicants, so if you are interested in attending the meeting, please apply it as soon as possible. I would also like to announce about the principle course. We got enough people about 45 applicants. Since we have enough people for the meeting, some people who will apply it later have to be on a waiting list.


  • I feel very sorry for the people who had flood and earth and sand disaster because of heavy rain since last month and also the people who have just had the misfortune to have earthquake this morning.
  • Well, I believe that Boident Co. has announced you about the meeting and the study club. We will be waiting for a lot of people will apply for them. Please be careful with any kind of natural disaster that will happen in the future because of global warming.


  • We got a new URL. (The old website have a link to the new one)


  • The study club gave a donation to the clinic clown association because the clinic clown association did a special lecture last year.
  • LinkIconJapan CliniClown Association


  • Biodent Co. will hold Alexander study club this year. Thought the study club holds the annual meeting, you can still apply to us.  


  • Congratulations!! Dr. Wick Alexander will receive 2009 Dale B. Wade Award by ABO at AAO annual meeting in Boston in May. A prize –giving ceremony will be held at CDAOB luncheon on the second of May. Who ever joins to AAO meeting, please come to the ceremony. Thank you.  
  • LinkIconAnnouncement


  • A happy new year! We have completed the website, you can now download the manual and the files of cases’ exhibitions. Please use them whenever you need to.


  • Thank you very much for attending both 2008 Alexander meeting and the 24th study club annual meeting.


  • ADI Symposium 2008 was held in Opatija, (Croatia).



  • Cases’ examination by A-team was held in Atami.


  • 2007 Alexander meeting and the 23rd annual meeting by Alexander study club were held.


  • Before our annual meeting is held, Refresher course was held by our study club.

Past events

2009 Highlight 30 years of anniversary since Dr. Alexander came to Japan.

2009 Alexander Discipline principle course

2009.10.11(Sun)〜12(Mon) in Osaka held by Biodent Co.

2009 Alexander meeting

2009.10.14 (Wed) 9:00〜17:30 in Hakata, Fukuoka

Theme:< Back to Reality... Tested Biomechanics >
   30 Years Later・・・ New Ideas From Classic Knowledge...
   " On to the Future "

30 years of anniversary since Dr. Alexander came to Japan & 25 years anniversary of ADSCJ

2009.10.14 (Wed) 18:00〜20:00 at Sea Hawk Hotel Fukuoka

The 25th annual meeting of ADSCJ

2009.10.14 (Wed) 21:00 〜15 (Thu) 16:30
in Hakata, Fukuoka ( Sea Hawk Hotel )


2008 Highlight

2008 Alexander meeting
The 24th annual meeting of ADSCJ


2008 Alexander meeting、The 24th annual meeting of ADSCJ
10.29 (Wed)〜 30 (Thu)
テーマ:「Non-Growing Class II の完全制覇を目指して」
 特別企画:この人から学ぶ "Non-Growing Class II への取り組み"



2008 ADI Symposium

ADI20logo.jpg2008 ADI Symposium

9.5〜6, held in Opatija, Croatia



B4672_sm.jpgNew book come out

The 20 principles of the Alexander Discipline that was written by Dr. Alexander has published in June 2008, and it is the latest version of his. This book was introduced in the magazine called editor’s corner published in August 2008. This book has been very popular among orthodontists in Japan. If you have a chance, please read it.

The 20 Principles of the Alexander DisciplineLinkIcon
LinkIconJCO August 2008 editor's corner

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