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 アレキサンダー研究会の最大の特色でもある、症例展示とDr.Alexanderが その症例をひとつひとつをグレーディングし、コメントをしていただきます。20年以上に渡りこのスタイルを維持し、毎回骨身を惜しまずグレーディングしていただける姿に感謝と尊敬の念を禁じ得ません。
症例展示は7カテゴリーに分かれ、Dr.Alexanderの治療結果に対する評価が一定レベル以上である場合にはゴールドシールが授与されます。7カテゴリーすべてに於いてゴールドシールを獲得した先生はAlexander Achievement Award (AAA)認定者となります。AAAを獲得しても、参加される会員は皆一層の研鑽を積み、参加時には症例展示する事を努力しています。研鑽努力の一つとして、治療開始前の症例を展示し、3年以内に治療を終了することを目標とし、毎年治療経過を展示して治療終了時にグレーディングを受ける Progress Case Report があり、こちらにはプラチナシールが用意されています。

- Case exhibition/Grading -

Cases' exhibitions, grading and giving a comment regarding to each of your case by Dr. Alexander are main events in Alexander discipline study club. This style has been unchanged over 20 years. We have always been appreciating his hard work on the cases brought by the doctors.

Case’s exhibition has been divided into 7 different categories. When Dr. Alexander grades your cases better than average, you will receive a gold seal. If you could receive a gold seal in all seven categories, Alexander Achievement Award (AAA) would authorize you. Those who authorized usually keep up their skills and carrier. For example, whenever they join to the meeting, they try to exhibit their cases. As one of their work results, they exhibit their cases before the treatment. They try to finish them in 3 years, and they also have to go through a progress case report that they have to exhibit their cases’ treatments in progress, then they finally will get a grade. If they are successful with the progress case report, they will receive a platinum seal. Dr. Alexander always writes his comments on any kind of cases. The cases with gold seals do not mean that they are perfect; therefore Dr. Alexander will help the doctors to think how they get better toward to their future.

PICT0382.JPG.jpeg熱心にグレーディング中のDr. "Wick" This picture shows when Dr. Alexander is grading very hard.

PICT0381.JPGん〜、このケースは・・・・ Well, what about this case…..

R0011849.JPG"....... How about this year...."

R0011860.JPG「これはこうやって、こうしたらええのんちゃうかなぁ〜」 May be, you should do this or that……

R0011862.JPG"Too many archwires ...! but Good job!!"

R0011864.JPG"Reality is .......○×▲☆..."





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