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2013.04.05Dear Friends of Alexander Study club
Please join to 2013 annual meeting of Alexander Discipline Japanese Study Club. Restration form is prepared below. Please come to Japan at October!
LinkIconADSCJ 2013 annualmeeting Registration FormLinkIconADSCJ flyer 2013
Hello to all…
We are finalizing the details for the 2013 Alexander International Symposium.
Please complete the attached forms and return to :
1) Meeting Registration - to let us know if you will be staying after the meeting to go to the Alexander’s ranch on Saturday.
2) A/V requirements
3) Speaker Information form
Please contact me if you have additional questions,
Becky Davis
Assistant to Dr. Wick Alexander
from Wick Alexander
Subject: Message from Wick Alexander
***** This letter is being sent to every orthodontist who at one time served
as President, officer and/or active member in your Alexander Study Group*****
…. Please forward to all….
Dear Friend,
In my favorite movie, “Casablanca,” the theme song is “As Time Goes By.” And as I reflect on your efforts on my behalf over the past years, it makes me want to thank you and hopefully renew that time together in the near future.
In the past, you have put much effort to help spread the word regarding the Alexander Discipline, and I thank you for that.
As our time has gone by, several changes have occurred in mylife. You should know I now have a great relationship with American Orthodontics. My sons, Chuck and Moody, and nephew, Cliff, have become more active in “spreading the word.”
The “20 Principles” book has been translated into 4 languages… Italian, Japanese, Korean & Chinese. We are working on additional languages as we speak. My latest book on Long Term Stability has been very popular.
Also, you may have heard that I had major heart surgery in July, 2012. The good news is that all has healed well and I am actively back into lecturing…national and internationally.
Enough about me….
How are you? Please write ( and give me a “progress report” on your life, and your interest in revising and/or creating a new study club.
After the AAO meeting in Philadelphia (May 2-7, 2013), we will be hosting the 2013 Alexander International Symposium in Arlington. (May 9-11, 2013)
You do not want to miss this!
Please go to our website:www.alexanderdiscipline.comfor additional information and for registration.
Life is short! Come join us to renew our friendship.
Dr. Alexander is planning to hold 2013 ADI Symposium in 8~11 May 2013 in Arlington.
2013 ADI Symposiun  2013 May 8~11


Place: Sheraton Arlington Hotel

May 8th                  Welcome reception
May 9th・10th        meeting
May 11th              Trip to Hillcreek Ranch (Dr.Alexander's Ranch)
LinkIconSheraton Arlington Hotel
A Happy New Year!
Dr.Alexandr is planning ADI symposium 2013 at May 9-10, after annual meeting of A.A.O. in Philadelphia. Please planning to attend ADI symposium. If want be a speaker at symposium, please contact ADI secretary Becky.
We will announce again about detail of ADI symposium.
It's almost turn to winter from autumn. Especially this year, Dr.A was recover from his sickness. Now 2012 Dr. Alexander course and the 28th study club meeting were held safely. And the principle course 2012 was held too. Thank you for all attendance and Biodent Co., president Ooisi and staffs.
There is a nip of fall in the air. But the lingering summer heat is intense. How are you getting along? Now we are preparing for annual meeting program, please wait a moment.
After our annual meeting, American Orthodontics planning the symposium in Dallas. Dr. Alexander and his nephew Dr. Cliff are set for the speaker.
LinkIconThe Lingual Education Symposium
I apologize to long time no update this page. It's hot summer now!
In June Dr. Wick felt his sickness caused by his heart condition.
Mid of July he had surgery for repair to the heart valve. And it was successful.
Few days he stayed in the hospital and now he recuperate at his home.
He appreciate for everyone to pray for him and well wishes.
Recently he up dated his chatroom, and he explain about his situation.LinkIconDr. Alexander's Chatroom
From Becky,
Hello to all…
First…the best news… Wick is resting at home and might even come to the office for a little bit today…we are so thankful…
Now…more good news…. Hope you have seen the June 2012 edition of the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics….Dr. Alexander was selected as the first “Master Clinician” to be highlighted in a new section of JCO….as you know, this is an exceptional honor…
Please see the attachments and enjoy reading the article and the editorial written by Dr. Robert Keim.
Thank you for your continued support,
Becky Davis
Assistant to Dr. Wick Alexander
LinkIconJCO June coverLinkIconJCO June editorLinkIconJCO June MC Wick
We apologize delay to update this site. We wish you a Happy New Year.
At last year beginning with big earthquake in Japan, many natural hazards were occurred around the world. And late last year, economic anxiety caused Europe diffused all over the world. But in that situation, good bright news was getting in. The Japanese great pitcher "Darvish" contracted with Texas Rangers. Wow ! Congratulations!! It will become widespread of pleasure to visit Arlington.
We will hold the2012 annual meeting on October 30- November 1 in Tokyo. And the principle course will hold on October 28-29. We will announce once meeting plans are set.
Last year end, Dr. Alexander updated his chatroom page.LinkIconDr. Alexander's Chatroom

Past contents is here. LinkIconArchives


B4689_sm.jpgNew book come out

Long-Term Stability in Orthodontics that was written by Dr. Alexander has published in June 2011, and it is the latest version of his. Please get this one!

Long-Term stability in OrthodonticsLinkIcon


2013 Event

2013 ADI Symposium

ADI20logo.jpg2013 ADI Symposium
May 8th ~ 11th will hold in Arlington Texas
LinkIconADILinkIconSheraton Arlington Hotel

2013 Alexander Discipline principle course

2013.10.27(Sun)〜28(Mon), will hold in Kobe by Biodent Co.

2013 Alexander meeting

2013.10.30(Wed), will hold in Kobe by Biodent Co.

Case Grading

2012.10.29(Tue), will hold in Kobe

The 29th annual meeting of ADSCJ

2013.10.30(Wed) 〜31(Thu), will hold in Kobe, ANA CrownPlaza Hotel Kobe

ANA Crowneplazahotel Kobe

2012 Highlight

2012 Alexander Discipline principle course

2012.10.28(Sun)〜29(Mon), held in Tokyo, Nippori by Biodent Co.

LinkIconapply toLinkIconHotel Lungwood

2012 Alexander meeting

2012.10.31(Wed) in Mejiro, Tokyo, Four Seasons Hotel Chinzansou

Case Grading

2012.10.30(Tue) in Mejiro, Tokyo, Four Seasons Hotel Chinzansou

The 28th annual meeting of ADSCJ

2012.10.31(Wed) 〜11.01(Thu) in Mejiro, Tokyo, Four Seasons Hotel Chinzansou

Theme : To Obtain the Occlusion and Dentition
for Long Term Stability"
- Brush up the points for long term stability from a broader perspective -

LinkIconapply toLinkIcon2012 ProgramLinkIconFour Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Chinzanso

2011 Highlight

2011 ADI Symposium

ADI20logo.jpg2011 ADI Symposium

3.31, 4.1〜2, held in Rome, Italy


2011 Alexander Discipline principle course

2011.07.10(Sun)〜11(Mon), held in Osaka, Senri by Biodent Co.

LinkIconSenri Life Science Center

2011 Alexander meeting

2011.07.13(Wed) in Osaka, Hotel New Otani Osaka

Title : Back to the Basics
"In Orthodontics Certain Truths NEVER CHANGE"

LinkIconapply toLinkIconHotel New Otani Osaka

The 27th annual meeting of ADSCJ

Theme : To Obtain the Occlusion for Long Term Stability"
- Look orthodontic treatment from a broader perspective -

2011.07.13(Wed)〜14(Thu) in Osaka, Hotel New Otani Osaka
on 13th

  • Special lecture 1. Pf. Maki ( Showa University Dep. of Dentistry )

" Consider about clinical application of CBCT "

on 14th

  • Special lecture 2. Pf. Miyazaki ( Shiga Medical University )

" Beneficial effect of hypnology for the brain "
- Function of sleep and how to sleep for disease prevention -

  • Educational lecture 1. Pf. Okafuji ( Matsumoto Dental College )

" Orthodontic forces in treatment
- Consideration from treatment of injured tooth - "

  • Educational lecture 2. Dr. Miyazaki ( Tokyo Dental College )
    • " About orthodontic treatment for malocclusion of congenital anomaly "

Case Grading

2011.07.12(Tue) in Osaka, Hotel New Otani Osaka

LinkIcon2011ProgramLinkIconHotel New Otani Osaka

2010 Highlight

2010 Alexander Discipline principle course

2010.11.28(Sun)〜29(Mon) in Nippori, Tokyo held by Biodent Co.

LinkIconHotel Lungwood

2010 Alexander meeting

2010.12.1 (Wed) 9:00〜17:00 in Mejiro, Tokyo

(Four seasons hotel "Chinzansou" Tokyo)

Title:< Factors Related to Stability... >
"Round up the usual suspects" then... other factors. Muscle!!

The 26th annual meeting of ADSCJ

2010.12.1 (Wed) 17:30 〜 2 (Thu) 16:30
in Mejiro, Tokyo (Four seasons hotel "Chinzansou" Tokyo)

Theme:「To obtain the occlusion for long term stability 」

  • - Enlarge our horizons for relearning the points to long term stability -

Special lecture 1: Pf. Osamu Kobayashi (Kyorin Univ.)
Special lecture 2: Pf. Noriaki Yoshida (Nagasaki Univ.)

Member's lecture : Dr. Miho Imamura, Dr. Masayuki Kagawa, Dr. Atsuhiko Horiguchi

LinkIcon2010ProgramLinkIconFour Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Chinzanso

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